A Professional Organizer is someone who can help you organize any of the physical (and digital) spaces in your life or workplace. POs are excellent listeners and non-judgmental – their goal is to provide you with hands-on organizing and support, helping you to let go of the things that you no longer love or need.

It can be overwhelming to tackle the clutter by yourself – having an experienced professional reduces that stress and teaches you how to keep it organized!

It depends on the size of the room, its current state, and the motivation level of the client. Every situation is unique, but these factors generally determine how long the project will take.

Yes! Our free initial consultation takes approximately one hour and is designed to discuss your specific needs – budget, goals, timeline, storage requirements, and any challenges or questions you may have.

Nothing! Leave your space as is – so we can have a better understanding of your organizing needs. We’ve truly seen it all, so don’t worry about our reaction – no matter the condition of your home.

We may encourage you to declutter, but we will absolutely NOT force you to throw anything away. We understand that certain belongings have sentimental value. Remember – we work for you!

A cleaning service will come into your home or office and clean it from top to bottom. A Professional Organizer will help you sort through and properly store your belongings, teaching you how to maintain your new system – even after we’ve gone.

We can easily organize spaces while you are busy with other commitments, however, you will still need to be present for any decision making.

Only if you agree to it – there is a release form that you can sign concerning before and after pictures. We will never show any personal information about clients on the website – confidentiality is extremely important to us!

It isn’t recommended to hire a Professional Organizer on behalf of another person unless they have specifically requested you to do so. You can still have that conversation with them – but ultimately, it is their decision whether they want to proceed or not.

Don’t be embarrassed – we’ve seen it all! We’ve chosen this profession because we LOVE organizing and messes. Our most frequently asked question is “Is this the worst home you’ve ever seen?” – The answer is NO!

Absolutely, but keep in mind that very young children may slow down the process. You’re paying for this session with a Professional Organizer, so it is recommended that you have a sitter watch younger children, so you receive the full value of the service.

Every situation is unique! We recommend starting either where you feel the most stress, the area that looks the worst, or the area that is most crucial to the functionality of your home.

We accept Cash, Cheque, e-Transfer, Credit Card & PayPal. All packages must be paid in full before the project begins, or the standard hourly rate will apply.

All packages are non-refundable but are transferable.

A carload of donation items will be removed at the end of each session. All trash will be placed in bags and left for you to dispose of – you may need to consider purchasing additional garbage tags prior to your scheduled garbage day.

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