Business Services

Are you having trouble maintaining your storage areas, and feel it when inventory time rolls around? Has your office become a little bit unruly, or maybe your storefront could use an overhaul? Whatever your challenge may be, we are always glad to help!

Excellent time management and productivity is important in hospitality, particularly in housekeeping. Organizing Addict will assess your current situation, suggest changes, and then propose a new plan to accomplish these objectives. By providing employees with the training and tools they need to succeed, it should also reduce staff turnover! Win-win!

Organizing Addict specializes in reorganizing storage systems and processes within hotels, primarily within the housekeeping department. By maximizing every inch of storage space efficiently, employees can find what they need without wasting precious time – and money!

Organizing Addict’s goal with specialty lodging is to ensure that your establishment is run efficiently and profitably, with pleasant guest experiences – making future guests on vacation or business travel feel comfortable, wanting to return and leaving great reviews!

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